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About ECS

ECS will be recognized as a professional and easy to approach courier service, The ECS is planning to open some unconventional ideas & services and would be recognized new & easy courier trends in market in the near future.

Our day and time is spent in fulfilling the promises we make in order to serve you, Our motivation overcomes every barrier every obstacle, Our accomplishment is your smile, when we come up to your expectations.

ECS Mission

For the first time in the history of any courier company in Pakistan ECS is giving a chance to all retailers of market to enhance their businesses by purchasing ECS Booking points anywhere in the first instance.

    »   Fast and secure transmission by Air mail/land.
    »   Safe and secure handling.
    »   Fast and assured delivery.
    »   Collection of Cash on Delivery payments.
    »   Customized key account management.
    »   Weight limit up to 35 Kg.

Terms and Conditions

ECS will not accept the following as shipments; currency, jewelry, Bullion, Antiques, Precious Metals, Precious Stones, Works of Art, Fire Arms, Plants, Drugs goods and items,

Shipment Handling Charges

Please make a note of the following Shipment Handling charges, which apply to all shipments that are worth more than Rs.3000.


ECS Courier may arrange insurance on behalf of the shipper upon request. The insurance coverage shall be governed by all the terms and conditions contained